Every Movu facial is customized to the skin needs of each individual person, which is great for you because it eliminates the need to pick between 20 or 30 different exotically named and confusing menu options.



Truly this is the deluxe supreme service and my most popular facial. At 90 minutes you'll receive all the benefits of a Mini and Sports facial put together. Plus there's plenty of time for a shoulder rub, hand and arm massage, even a scalp scratch at the end! Pure relaxation...  Be prepared to come off the bed in a coma, you'll feel like no time went by at all! 
90 minutes


The Flip Facial

Facial and Back Combo. Halfway through you'll flip over with the mask still on your face to become more thoroughly nourished. Then experience the wonderful feeling of your back getting gently scrubbed with a mulchy exfoliant. Steam bath with dual steamers, massage, hot towels and thumper, and then flip back over to finish facial.
90 minutes


Microderm/Oxygen Combo

By uniting deep peel with deep nourishment and purifying oxygen hydration, you're doing your skin a big favor -and it will thank you by looking much more youthful and radiant. This is a cost effective way to reduce the appearance of aging. Ask about package deals and take years off by setting up a consistent regimen!
75 minutes

Mark & Chels

Sports Facial

This quick paced and proactive treatment covers virtually all skin types from chronically acnaic and greasy, to aged and dehydrated skin, puffy blotchy and red, cystic or combination - or just come in for a touch-up and get it done within the hour! Mask included.


Mini Facial

Hydrating and nourishing, the Mini includes a cleanse, exfoliation, tone, facial massage and/or extractions if necessary. Finish with a rejuvenating crème that will leave your skin looking refreshed.
30 Minutes


Oxygen Facial

The deepest hydration and healing purification you can get. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and peptides emulsify with an activator. When the mist hits your face, your skin literally laps the mixture up by respirating to the dermis. This is an amazing treatment.
1 Hour


Microdermabrasion Facial (Power Peel / Parisian Peel)

This is a very powerful medical grade peel, and my deepest peel. As far as microdermabrasion goes absolutely nothing beats it. Mask included.
1 Hour


Back Facial

A deep cleansing for your back with steam, extractions, waxing, exfoliation, and special care for those struggling with acne on their backs or necks.
50 Minutes